Division of Environmental Management

    Plants & Facilities

    Water Treatment

    Facility Community Served Process Max. GPD
    Brook Lane private ground water - 3 wells 7,000
    Clear Spring Clear Spring ground water - 4 wells 90,000
    Elk Ridge Elk Ridge ground water 7,500
    Highfield Highfield/Cascade ground water - 3 wells 100,000
    Mt. Aetna Mt. Aetna 1 well + springs 10,000
    Sandy Hook Sandy Hook ground water - 2 wells 15,000
    Sharpsburg Sharpsburg surface water - Potomac River 133,000


    Wastewater Treatment

    Facility Community Served Process Max. GPD
    Antietam Sharpsburg/Keedysville Activated Sludge / Oxidization Ditch 163,000
    Brook Lane private Activated Sludge Package Plant 10,000
    Clear Spring Water Treatment Plant Lagoon Report Only
    Conococheague Halfway Activated Sludge 4,100,000
    Sandy Hook Sandy Hook Activated Sludge 21,000
    Smithsburg Smithsburg Activated Sludge / SBR 333,000
    Winebrenner Highfield/Cascade Rotating Biological Contacter 600,000


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