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What is Complementary Paratransit?
In response to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990, the Washington County Transit Department offers Paratransit service to persons who are certified as not able to utilize fixed-route public transportation.  The ADA service area includes any trip origination and destination within ¾ of a mile on either side of the fixed-route system. Paratransit service is curb-to-curb and any client requiring assistance to or from the vehicle or while traveling may have a Personal Care Assistant (PCA) ride along with them at no additional cost.  Trip request(s) may be made until 4:30 PM the day prior, but not more than 14 days before the trip.  Reasonable accommodations will be made for origin to destination service.

Are all persons with disabilities eligible for Complementary Paratransit?
No, most persons with disabilities can use Washington County Transit’s accessible buses on regular fixed bus routes.  Only those persons whose disabilities meet certain criteria will be eligible for paratransit services. To apply for Paratransit, click here.

How much will Paratransit rides cost?
Current one-way fare is $2.00 per person.

What if I have a personal care assistant (PCA) who helps me get around?
The assistant will be able to ride with you on Paratransit at no charge.  Children under age five (5) years of age may also ride for free.  All others, including children age five (5) and over, will be charged $2.00 each.

Is Complementary Paratransit available anywhere in Washington County?
Federal regulations require Paratransit services to be provided ¾ of a mile on either side of the regular fixed-route bus system.  This means that most of Hagerstown and those rural areas served by Washington County Transit are served by Paratransit.

What times will I be able to use Complementary Paratransit?
Paratransit service is available during the hours of 6:15AM – 9:45 PM, Monday – Friday, and 7:45 AM –  9:45 PM, Saturday.  Limited evening service available Monday – Saturday after 6:15 PM.  Sunday service is not available.   Reservations are required and are accepted up to 14 days out or by 4:30pm the day before requested trip.

How can I become eligible for Complementary Paratransit service?
Call our Paratransit Hotline at 240-313-2747. Interested individuals must complete an application and have it certified by a healthcare professional.  You will be notified via U.S. mail as to your eligibility.

Is Paratransit Service provided for visitors to Washington County, MD?
Visitors to Washington County, MD, are eligible to use WCT’s ADA Complementary Paratransit.  Visitor’s current ADA Certification will be accepted; however if you do not have an ADA Certification, a claim of eligibility will be honored.  WCT reserves the right to require proof of non-residency and a disability which is not apparent exists.  Visitors will be provided 21 days of ADA Paratransit Service per calendar year.  If a visitor is intending to use the service for more than 21 days, a WCT ADA Certification will be required.