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Q-11-536 Design/Build Fire Station Communications Tower and Associated Hardware 9.26.11 Documents
Q-11-535 Sale of Salvageable Metals 9.14.11 Documents
Q-11-534 Custodial Paper and Hand Soap for Various County Departments 6.13.11 Documents
Q-11-533 Aggregate/Emulsion Materials 6.30.11 Documents
Q-11-532 Contract Services for Transportation of Indigent Patients 6.1.11 Documents
Q-11-531 Locksmith Maintenance Services at Specified Washington County Facilities 6.1.11 Documents
Q-11-530 Recreation Department's Seasonal Program Schedules 6.6.11 Documents
Q-11-529 Fertilizer for Various Washington County Departments 5.26.11 Documents
Q-11-528 Consultant to Update Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan 5.12.11 Documents
Q-11-527 Design/Build/Removal/Disposal/Replacement of Communications Towers and Associated Hardware 4.6.11 Documents
Q-11-526 Consultant to Write a Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) Phase IV for Sheriff's Office & Environmental Management 3.16.11 Documents
Q-11-525 Printing of Stationery 4.12.11 Documents
PUR-1166 Gasoline & Diesel Fuel 10.26.11 Documents
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Documents ARF - Awarded as Recommended
PUR-1161 Record-Keeping and Actuarial Consulting Services for the Retirement Plan, Length of Service Award Program and other Post-Employment Benefits Under GASB-45 (OPEB) 5.2.11 Documents
PUR-1157 Office Supplies - Desktop Delivery to Washington County Departments/Agencies and City of Hagerstown 6.1.11 Documents
PUR-1156 Landfill Monitoring Services Requirements Contract 5.4.11 Documents
PUR-1155 Construction/Building Inspection Services 3.31.11 Documents
PUR-1154 Eastern Boulevard Extended (Hagerstown Area Northeast Bypass Project) 3.15.11 Documents
PUR-1153 Forty West Landfill – Cells 6 & 7 4.6.11 Documents
PUR-1152 R. C. Willson Water Treatment Plant Phase IV Improvements (Stage 2 DBPR Compliance) 2.18.11 Documents
PUR-1150 Real Property Aquisition Services 2.4.11 Documents
PUR-1149 Real Property Appraisal Services 2.4.11 Documents
PUR-1146 Video Visitation System for the Washington County Detention Center 3.23.11 Documents