Request for Public Record -
Audio Tape and/or Transcript

To receive a copy of a public record held by the Division of Emergency Services, please complete this form and submit the accompanying fee.  This request may be submitted in person, regular mail, fax or email.  There is a fee associated with researching, developing and creating a copy of the public record in accordance with County policy.  Recordings cannot be processed while you wait.  The Division of Emergency Services shall make every effort to process your request as promptly as possible considering routine workload and emergency conditions.  Copies of the public record will not be provided until the fee has been collected.  An estimate of charges may be provided upon request.  Make checks payable to the Washington County Treasurer.

Fields in RED are required!

(ex:  04/30/10)
(ex: 1:15am)
(ex:  04/30/10)
(ex:  MD)
(ex:  11111 or 11111-1111)
Phone Numbers:
(ex:  555-555-5555)
(ex:  555-555-5555)

Any individual or organization may request a waiver of the research and development fee.  Waiver requests may only be authorized by the Director of Emergency Services and/or the Director of Emergency Communications.

Reason for requesting the public record:

Intended use of the public record/information:




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