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Local Legal Materials

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Approved Resolutions and Ordinances

2017 Resolutions & Ordinances
2016 Resolutions Ordinances
2015 Resolutions Ordinances
2014 Resolutions Ordinances
2013 Resolutions Ordinances
2012 Resolutions Ordinances
2011 Resolutions Ordinances
2010 Resolutions Ordinances
2009 Resolutions Ordinances
2008 Resolutions Ordinances
2007 Resolutions Ordinances
2006 Resolutions Ordinances

Code of the Public Local Laws of Washington County, Maryland, 2007 Edition

Supplement No. 1 to the 2007 Edition of the Code of the Public Local Laws of Washington County, Maryland (Amendments through 2008 Legislative Session)

Supplement No. 2 to the 2007 Edition of the Code of the Public Local Laws of Washington County, Maryland (Amendments through 2009 and 2010 Legislative Sessions)


Plans, Policies and other Legal Documents

Comprehensive Plan (2002)
This file is about 3MB and not viewable by all computers. It is available on CD-ROM from the Planning Dept. Call 240-313-2430.

Comprehensive Plan (2002) Amendments
CP-05-001 Map
CP-06-001 RS-06-016
CP-08-001 RS-08-015
CP-10-001 RS-2011-01
CP-11-001 RS-2011-13 (Water Resources Element)

Construction of Subdivision Infrastructure for Acceptance and Ownership by Washington County

Highway Adequacy Policy

Land Preservation, Parks & Recreation Plan

Procedures Governing Applications for Zoning Map or Text Amendments, effective January 8, 2008

Procurement Policy Manual

Public Information Act - County Policy

Resolution with Procedures for Collective Bargaining

Solid Waste Management and Recycling Plan

2009 Water and Sewage Plan


Addressing Ordinance for Washington County, Maryland
Adopted and Effective December 18, 2012

Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance
Revision 9 – Adopted and effective October 22, 2013.

Alarm Ordinance for Washington County, Maryland (effective January 1, 2010)
Alarm Ordinance Fine Schedule (effective January 1, 2010)

Animal Control Ordinance (Revision 5, effective January 1, 2013)
Animal Control Ordinance (Revision 4 - effective January 1, 2011)

"Billboard Ordinance" (Text Amendment to the Zoning Ordinance relating to Outdoor Advertising)

Building Excise Tax Ordinance (Revision 11), effective August 4, 2015

Erosion and Sediment Control Ordinance

Ethics Ordinance (effective September 27, 2011)

Flood Plain Ordinance (Effective August 15, 2017)

Right to Farm Ordinance

Forest Conservation Ordinance – Revision 7
Adopted and Effective November 18, 2014

Gaming Regulations

Hotel Tax Resolution and Policy

Installment Purchase Program Ordinance

Livability Code

Solid Waste Collection Licensing Ordinance

Stormwater Management, Grading, Soil Erosion and Sediment Control Ordinance (Revision 1)
Adopted and Effective February 26, 2013

Subdivision Ordinance

Subdivision Ordinance Amendments
SO-12-001 ORD-2012-41 - Major and Minor Subdivisions (definition)

Transfer Tax Ordinance

Weed Ordinance

Zoning Ordinance (As of August 23, 2013)

Zoning Ordinance Amendments
RZ-13-004 ORD-2014-18 – Limited Multiple Parcel Clustering Program
RZ-14-003 ORD-2014-17 – Amendments for the purpose of updating, correcting, and clarifying language
RZ-13-006 ORD-2013-34 - Sanitary Landfill (Definition)
RZ-15-003 ORD-2015-18 – PUD amendments
RZ-14-002 ORD-2015-20 – Rural Business District amendments
RZ-13-003 ORD-2016-18 – Town Growth Areas amendments
RZ-16-006 ORD-2017-04 – “HI” amendments
RZ-18-007 ORD-2018-03 - Accommodations & Event Facilities